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We are an Australian company striving to offer the best unlocking service for Australian mobile phone users.


What is an Unlock Code?

An unlock code removes the restrictions from your GSM device set by your carrier. This allows you to use you mobile phone on any worldwide GSM network. The beauty of having an unlocked phone means you can use a prepaid SIM card at your final destination. With an unlocked device, you will be able to obtain a local phone number and pay local rates instead of the ridiculous roaming fees that your carrier would normally charge. It can take just a few calls whilst traveling to end up with a nasty surprise when you get home.


How to Unlock a Device?

Phone manufacturers have integrated a method to input an unlock code into your phone to remove the SIM lock. All we need are 3 pieces of information to start unlocking your phone.

    • IMEI (Serial number): This is typically 15 digits long (sometimes 17). You can find this on the majority of phones by pressing #*06#.
    • Network Carrier: This is the network that your device was purchased from
      (E.g. Telstra)
    • Model: This is the type of phone/device that you want to unlock
      (E.g. Sony Ericsson Xperia X10i or Samsung Galaxy Tab)

We use this information to generate an accurate unlock code for your device. Once this is done, a representative from Unlock Codes will email you the unlock code with simple unlocking instructions.


Which Devices can be Unlocked?

Essentially all GSM phones can be unlocked. This includes unlocking Blackberry, HTC, LG, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and of course the Apple iPhone. We are also offering unlock codes for portable devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab! Most phones with a SIM Card slot located behind the battery can be unlocked.


How Long does it Take to Receive my Unlock Code?

All of our unlock codes are processed quickly and accurately. Processing time can vary between device models and the network carrier. Most codes are generated within 24 hours, while others are much faster and some slower. One example is our BlackBerry service, these codes generally take 5-15 minutes!